Baracuta - Wacko Maria SS 2022

Wacko Maria is putting its stamp on the G4, Baracuta’s second icon.

The partnership between the Japanese brand Wacko Maria and Baracuta continues in our SS22 Collection too.

This is a collaboration with a focus on updating the G4 jacket, Baracuta’s second icon, while leaving its stylish details unchanged. Thus the G4 is undergoing a transformation and taking on a less sartorial and more contemporary aesthetic thanks to the irreverent approach of the Japanese brand, which has defined its fusion of fashion, street culture and luxury as its strength and unique process.

A young consumer with an eye for details and the influences that the two brands can bring to a piece of clothing will find the G4 jacket waiting for them in two colours: Black and Natural. The jacket flaunts an animal-print interior – the Japanese brand's unmistakable signature inspired by Wacko Maria’s music-scene roots – which is replacing Baracuta’s distinctive Fraser Tartan. The cuts of the style remain unchanged and faithful to the original style and thus still feature the key details, such as the umbrella detailing on the back of the jacket, the two-button collar and the front pockets. The names of the two brands embroidered on the left side of the chest add the finishing touches.