As your Baracuta ages, wear and tear may show – rips, lost buttons, or stubborn zips. Instead of parting ways, repair it. It's eco-friendly and keeps the essence intact. We're here to mend and preserve your beloved gear for more adventures!

TIME - Repairs may take up to a total duration of 3-4 weeks.
Every item is subject to an evaluation by our repairs team and is processed through one of the categories below.

REPAIR - If the item is repairable and covered under warranty, the item will be repaired at Baracuta’s expense and returned to you.

UNREPAIRABLE (under warranty) - If the product is not repairable but is covered under warranty, one of our Repair Representatives will contact you to discuss your options.

PAID REPAIR (no warranty) - If the item is repairable, but not covered by our warranty, you can use our repair service, but at your own expense. This will be communicated to you by a member of our Customer Care Team.

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