How Baracuta went on to having a fabric named after itself

Baracuta Cloth, Baracuta’s signature fabric, enhances some of the world’s most iconic jackets. The question on everybody’s lips is, “how did Baracuta get to have its very own fabric?”. It’s simple really. Baracuta Cloth has been around as long as Baracuta itself. It became such a continuous attribute to Baracuta pieces over the years that due to its timeless and consistent nature found in every Baracuta collection, a name had to be dedicated to it. It had practically become one of the core ingredients to the Baracuta Brand. Thus, Baracuta Cloth was born! This cotton blend fabric can be found in many of our pieces, including our classic icons everyone loves – our G9 Harrington Jacket, G4 Jacket and G12 Coat. In fact, it’s the most used material for our jackets with the greatest number of colourways.

Our famous G9 was the first jacket to be crafted with Baracuta Cloth. Made in beautiful Manchester in the UK, the G9 Harrington is the first of its kind. It was created to assist golfers carry out a successful game of golf. Baracuta wanted to come up with a jacket to keep the players protected and comfortable while they played. A revolutionary jacket featuring ribbed cuffs and waistband, a two-button dog ear collar, an inside pocket and strategically slanted pockets with a single button closure designed to hold two golf balls. The pièce de resistance is the umbrella back yoke with a built-in vent making it a more breathable garment. This umbrella-shaped characteristic conducts rain away from the wearer and has since become one of Baracuta’s most recognisable features. The G9 name actually comes from the game of golf – G standing for golf and the number 9 representing the 9 holes of the golf course!

Following this the G4 was created using the ever-famous Baracuta Cloth. However, compared to the G9, it has a more relaxed feel to it as the elastic ribbed waistband and cuffs have been replaced with adjustable button strap closures on the sides and cuffs. With these new features, the jacket instantly changes personality, allowing it to be roomier and less constricting. 

Moving on, our Baracuta Cloth works beautifully with our G12, the newest addition to the Baracuta family, and a new and improved version of our late G10. The G12 is a more protective and warmer coat. This new entry made its début for the AW22 collection coming straight from the Baracuta archives. As the G12 is an evolution of the G10, it had to keep its distinctive features like the signature Baracuta Cloth, single-breasted closure, the diagonal pockets, the adjustable wrist buckles, the signature umbrella back yoke and the iconic Fraser Tartan lining. However, this time round you’ll notice it to be longer than the G10. The more the merrier we like to say.

Finally, did you know our Baracuta Cloth has a noteworthy companion? It’s none other than the Fraser Tartan. Baracuta Cloth and Fraser Tartan are two peas in a pod. You can’t have one without the other. They literally complete each other. Fraser Tartan has been lining Baracuta outerwear since 1938 when the owners of Baracuta - The Miller Brothers - went to Scotland in the search of a signature touch. Something that would allow anybody to say, “that’s a Baracuta!”. The brothers met with Brigadier Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser, the 25th Clan Chief of the Clan Fraser of Lovat to ask his permission to use his family Fraser Tartan in their garments, he accepted and bequeathed the Fraser Tartan to Baracuta. The rest is history! As you can see, our Baracuta Cloth and our Fraser Tartan have been in the game since the very beginning and really make Baracuta what it is today.

Today you can find variations of Baracuta Cloth, one of our G12 models has been crafted using Baracuta Double Cloth, where two pieces of Baracuta Cloth have been placed together back-to-back in two different colourways, making the garment robust and more unique. As well as this, our Organic cotton blend Baracuta Cloth graces our G9 Woman Jacket. Baracuta is constantly working toward more sustainable options. What’s your favourite part about Baracuta Cloth?