g10, the original coat

Among the first paper models available in production archives from Miller Brother's Ltd, the elegant A line of the Single Chest Raincoat or single-breasted raincoat is kept.

A knee-length coat, designed to protect the male suit from the rain and featuring the characteristic Umbrella back vent, a cape sewn on the back of the jacket to facilitate the flow of rain. The Millers revived the waterproof Single Chest Raincoat in 1966, a memorable year in the history of sport, which marks England's only victory at the World Cup against West Germany. To celebrate this historic milestone, the Millers dressed the English football team with the most elegant Baracuta model, specially retouched for each team member, thus reviving the G10.

Even today, Baracuta makes the G10 Classic in England with the utmost care and precision for details, carrying out one of the best examples of the British tradition for rain protection. The highly functional model is proposed in waterproof fabric and maintains its wide fit in the Authentic Fit version. Wearing a G10 Baracuta means having a timeless and versatile garment in your wardrobe that stands the test of time.