Fall Winter 2018 - Delivery 02

The second chapter of a special relationship between the English mastery of Baracuta and Daiki Suzuki’s Japanese precision.

In 2019, the second chapter of the collaboration between the British tradition of Baracuta and the Japanese precision of Daiki Suzuki will be presented with the second capsule by Engineered Garments. From January 26th the collaboration signed Engineered Garments X Baracuta will be available at the Baracuta Store Milano, on, in the WP Stores and in selected stores worldwide.

Once again Daiki Suzuki pushes the experimentation of the G9 towards the research and development of new materials. As a result, two new G9 models for autumn-winter 2018; interesting for both soft-touch enthusiasts and sartorial details' lovers: Baracuta is happy to introduce the brand new G9 Teddy Bear and the G9 Combo.

G9 Combo
G9 Combo is already a collector's cult piece in which four different types of fabric coexist: twill, canvas, velvet and ripstop, available in two colours: dark navy and olive.

G9 Teddy Bear
Warm and voluminous, Daiki Suziki's G9 Teddy Bear perfectly interprets the oversized fit and softness of the Baracuta style. A very elegant and genderless garment redesigned by Engineered Garments' essential lines, losing the traditional back umbrella cut in favour of a fabric that aims to bring to mind the fine-touch of Astrakhan fur.