Fall Winter 2018 - Delivery 01

To modify something that history has defined as iconic and perfect in its original version requires a unique creative ability.

The task of revisiting the Baracuta G9, created by brothers John and Isaac Miller, could only be assigned to Daiki Suzuki, founder of Engineered Garments whose name itself suggests a predilection for perfect garment engineering. The result of this collaboration for Autumn/Winter 2018 season, consists of two exclusive jackets: the G4 Daiki and G9, available in WP Stores, Baracuta Store Milano and selected worldwide stores. The Daiki G9 retrieves its original soft fit, the Archive, and maintains the use of Baracuta Cloth, the canvas material on which the jacket is made.

The revolution is hidden inside, where the Fraser Tartan lining is removed from the sides. A choice that gave greater importance to the internal pocket, on which the Engineered Garments label is applied as a seal of collaboration. The same meticulous attention to detail is also paid to the Daiki G4 model, another iconic Baracuta garment, which designer Suzuki unlines internally on both sides. Made of water-resistant fabric on the outside, the jacket features side straps at the waist for a personalised fit and an "umbrella" cut at the back to protect against the rain.