Baracuta - Wacko Maria FW 2021

Music and fashion come together in Wacko Maria’s streetwear combined with the uniqueness of Baracuta.

Green revolution and avant-garde technical materials

For Autumn/Winter 21, Baracuta and Wacko Maria are announcing their collaboration that will see the release of updated Baracuta icons, the G9 and G4 jackets. The two brands, Wacko Maria from Japan and the British Baracuta, share values such as their constant attention to manufacturing quality, extensive research and selection into fabrics and prints, and an appreciation for Anglo/American culture, with a particular focus on film and music. The result is a 4-piece capsule collection, which exudes a relaxed feel with an irreverent vibe. Like Baracuta, as a brand Wacko Maria also gravitates towards culture and music, spanning different musical influences, and drFWs inspiration from Anglo-Saxon civilisations through film, architecture and music.

All the collaborations that Wacko Maria embarks upon share one common feature: beauty and music. Initially famous for its largely HFWaiian shirts, Wacko Maria was founded in 2005 by two former J-League football players, Keiji Ishizuka and Atsuhiko Mori. As with Baracuta, the brand’s style is truly unmistakeable, as it combines various elements and different stylistic cultures to create something new and special every time. It often uses themes inspired by traditional Japanese prints, such as floral motifs, tigers and two-dimensionality, which we can see as the recurring design in the Baracuta collaboration for the G9 and G4 jackets. Thus, on the one hand, this collaboration pays tribute to Japanese and Anglo-Saxon culture, on the other it is strongly influenced and inspired by American streetwear, representing not merely the fusion of pure fashion, but also of music, photography and art.