Within the framework of WP IS ART projects, WP has given birth to The World Within.

WP chooses Patrick Tuttofuoco to create a performance in which dance, sculpture and music tell human inner world and sensory processes in a game of perception to be discovered and experienced. Performers wear Baracuta, in particular the iconic Harrington.

Patrick Tuttofuoco’s practice is conceived as a dialogue between individuals and their ability to transform the environment they inhabit, by exploring notions of community and social integration in order to combine immediate sensorial allure with the power to trigger profound theoretical responses.

Patrick Tuttofuoco and Alessandra Pallotta turn the jackets upside down, highlighting the iconic Fraser Tartan lining, and sew four models together, creating a new model worn by performers, each associated with a different raw material: pearl, emerald and onyx. Three precious stones with different colours, interpreters of three different emotions, a figure of speech at the basis of The World Within.

Save the date WP STORE MILANO - 9.4.19 - via Borgogna, 3 on the occasion of the exhibition SALONE DEL MOBILE