Slowboy x Baracuta SS22

Mr. Slowboy gives Baracuta a colourful makeover.

Baracuta is back again to express its admiration for fashion illustration and art. This time the British brand joins forces with London based artist Mr. Slowboy, to display their love for art and creativity by collaborating on the most unique and fun capsule collection ever.

Colour has always been the main feature for both, from Mr. Slowboy’s eye-catching illustrations to Baracuta’s array of vibrant G9 Jackets. Mr. Slowboy or otherwise known as Fei Wang, has a weakness for British appeal making the collaboration with Baracuta, the iconic English brand, inevitable The contemporary features of Mr. Slowboy’s illustrations, blend perfectly with Baracuta’s identity, which inspired British and Ivy League menswear. Baracuta’s signature pieces, like the G9 Harrington Jacket, have even been chosen by high-profile actors and celebrities, highlighting once more their link to the world of the creative arts. Baracuta and Slowboy are equally dedicated to sharing their story with their loyal communities, by portraying their core values and beliefs through their work. The two also have a love for timeless pieces, in fact, Baracuta’s pieces are classic with impeccable quality, capable of being passed down from generation to generation.

Mr. Slowboy decided to give three Baracuta pieces a makeover, including the iconic G9 Harrington Jacket. This special project is inspired by the life of an illustrator, having to deal with paint splashes, as it is a given that an artist gets their clothes spotted with paints and colour. The G9 Jacket takes on a new personality after being splattered with colourful paint. On the inside, covering the entire inner pocket, is a fashion illustration of Fei Wang himself. He is carrying a tube of Mist-coloured paint which is the exact same shade of the G9 and Bucket Hat he is seen to be wearing. The jacket is finished off with the artist’s logo printed in gold on the unmistakable Fraser Tartan lining, adding more of a distinctive touch to Baracuta’s most iconic item. Following this, you’ll find the Slowboy x Baracuta Shirt, made from washed Oxford cotton and also features the signature details from the collaboration. The final piece of the collection is a Cotton Print Bucket Hat, which again depicts specks of paint to illustrate artists at work. This traditional English inspired fishing hat is made from cotton and lined with the signature Fraser Tartan.