Modifying the original version of something that history has defined as iconic and perfect requires a unique creative ability.

The task of revisiting the G9 Baracuta, created by the brothers John and Isaac Miller, could only fall on Daiki Suzuki, founder of Engineered Garments whose name itself suggests the predilection for the engineering of garments.

Suzuki, defined by many as the Master of Japanese Fashion Design, pushes Baracuta's experimentation towards the research and development of new materials while maintaining heritage design and original details such as the unmistakable Fraser Tartan inner lining.

The first launch of the collaboration focuses on detail and lightweightness. In fact, Suzuki internally shows off the iconic G9 made of waterproof fabric and plays with the finishing on the back and with the "umbrella" yoke.

For the second edition of Baracuta by Engineered Garments two new models are born: the G9 Teddy Bear and the G9 Combo. The G9 Teddy Bear is a unique garment dedicated to soft touch lovers, perfectly interpreting the oversized fit and the softness of eco-fur. The G9 Combo, already a craze from the Core Collection, is a refined research quote in which four different types of fabric coexist: twill, canvas, velvet and ripstop.