"Real People, Real Places" is interpreted by a community of individuals who are not models by profession, but who are music producers, art directors, illustrators, and singers, all united by a true passion: the Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket. Different in personality and diverse in terms of personal details, but each with their own story to tell, they guide us through their city, London, thus allowing us to enter into their world, sharing their passions and places with us.

MIA POIRER – FASHION BUYER / shot at her home and Horniman Gardens in South East London.Mia has worked in fashion for 12 years as a Buyer and Merchandiser. For fun she enjoys buying records, DJing and learning about music culture.

RICHARD WINDSOR – GRAPHIC DESIGNER / shot at his home and Horniman Garden in South East London. Richard is an artist and illustrator. He helps coordinate and execute special retail projects for a multi-brand fashion retailer.Together Richard and Mia are part of an art collective called Expert Horror.

SAHRA GUHRE – VOCALIST / shot outside her home in North East London Trained in classical violin before discovering her love for singing and writing, Sahra Gure is a London based vocalist part of the current thriving Jazz scene of the city. She grew up surrounded by different cultures and sounds which shaped her character and musical personality. Recently she self-released her debut EP ‘Love me with me’ on her label (SUN OF AGMIU). The EP was written and produced by Sahra and recorded live with her band.

NIALL WILLIAMS – MC and PRODUCER part of Nine8 Collective shot at Map Cafè in North West London. Brand and Events Manager of MAP Music Ltd, Nige juggles the running of the recording studio, clothing brand, café and venue all housed in MAP Studio Café, Kentish Town, alongside his production and work in NiNE8. Nige blends quintessentially British sounds and styles in his artist material as well as output in music, visual arts and fashion collective NiNE8 Collective.

STEPHANE POUX - A&R shot at Dog and Bell Pub in South East London. French born, London based Stephane Poux has been hosting radio shows engaging with upcoming music artists for the past three years. His involvement in the city’s nightlife and event scene has brought him to meet new talents and spontaneously start working in artist development, linking French and British musicians while finding the right platforms to promote the material which usually doesn’t get that much media support.

GAURAB THAKALI shot at Dog&Bell in South East London. Gaurab Thakali is an illustrator and artist currently living and working in London. His work focuses on narrative and storytelling using themes such as music, places, travel.