The Baracuta SS 2019 collection is both a challenge and an aesthetic project reflected in the unprecedented underground summer versions of the iconic G9.

Baracuta preserves the brand's heritage and its importance in youth subcultures and, as shown by the spring summer campaign shots, aims to take a step further in G9 evolution, changing colour and weight through the streetwear and sophisticated look of photographer Santi De Hita

- @santidehita who sets the collection among the modular geometries of urban architecture.

The G9 Camouflage shots, worn with boldness and casual attitude by singer and fashion designer Wekafore Jibril and Boaz Nielsen, will capture your imagination. The graphic pattern of the Camouflage motifs, respectively Desert and British, was found in an English camouflage archive and transforms the G9 into a garment dedicated to all camou lovers.

Among Baracuta SS Collection new features G9 Armhole detach, a garment with a unique fit and removable hood, also available in sage shades; G9 Garment Dyed Authentic Fit are available in new colours: Aloe Wash and Vichy. New palettes also for G9 inside, such as the version in Satin, made of Garment Dyed fabric, in shades of sage with cadet blue interiors or ocean tones. Baracuta polo shirts in pastel colours and slim fit, accompanied by t-shirts displaying the lion's logo.