Among the geometries of the Berlin brutalist architecture and of the colourful U-Bahn subway, the Baracuta Fall Winter 2019 collection is staged combining the heritage of British menswear with the new urban and dynamic lifestyle.

Nothing changes yet everything evolves, the iconic models worn over the years by many idols are reinterpreted for a Genderless Archive Celebration and give rise to the perfect creations for both him and her. It is immediately love at first sight between the lovers of wool and the G9 in Soft Shetland, the favorite yarn for this Fall Winter. The English wools of the historic woolen mill of Abraham Moon & Sons - the number 1 in the textile district of Bradford, Leeds - combine the technicality of neoprene, leaving the maximum expression to the irresistible British look.

The G9 opens up to the new warm winter versions interpreted with waterproof and eco-fur materials, leaving room for yarns that are soft to the touch and shiny textures, telling of the unmistakable style of blackwatch, Prince of Wales, dark navy herringbone and the salt and pepper blue / grey.

The evolution of the classic Parka continues, in which the military imagination is combined with a careful search for materials. The Storm Parka, with quilted padding and nylon knitted cuffs, protects from the harshest temperatures with an "oversized" fit. The Knott Parka model, enriched with faux lamb fur, is offered in a classic version in water-resistant oiled English fabric and the interpretation of the military through the Long Knott Parka Eco Curly Fur where the camouflage print reigns with a blurred and almost watercolor design.

The perfect synthesis of the two, the Crags Parka Combo Waxed, sees the oiled cotton in the upper part and camouflage from ¾ down. The Crags Parka Barawool combines the waterproof Barapel fabric in the upper part of the garment with shetland wool in the lower part with tonal colors.